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Lady Luck Online

Choose from 100's of casino games including live dealers and live sporting events world wide! Join the exclusive sports mobile offer as well. Online sports and casino bonuses. Bet on games both college and pros 24 hours a day.

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Perfect D20 Dices for D&D and other RPGs

The perfect D20 Dice is the centerpiece of the standard 7 pieces D&D Dice set, used in most RPGs, and we at Blue Wizard Gaming offer a large selection of these sets! You can select the heavy, shorter rolling metal dices or the lighter, longer bouncing polymer ones. We offer thematically colored, perfectly weighted and balanced metal dice sets, which you can select based on the class, alignment or race of the character you play, like Mystic Blue for the wielders of magic or the Paladins Aura for the holy warriors. If you prefer lighter and more colorful dices, we offer our polymer sets for you, from the more conservative DnD Green-Gold to the gem-like Turquoise Silver-Gold and to the classy Wizard Purple-Blue and the brown-red The Underworld sets.

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